State Board of Education to consider expanding Parental Rights in Education

The state Board of Education is moving forward with a plan to ban teaching sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades across the state.

The topics are currently off limits in kindergarten through third grade.

Florida’s Board of Education is considering an expansion to the Parental Rights in Education Act that critics call “don’t say gay.”

Under the proposal, which appears to have the backing of Gov. Ron DeSantis, teachers could not instruct about sexual orientation or gender identity through the 12th grade, unless it’s required by state academic standards or is part of sex education or health classes.

The rule change would still give parents the option of taking their children out of sex education.

“I would say understand you’re living in a place, Palm Beach County, we’re very welcoming loving community. Everybody is welcome here, hate is not,” Palm Beach County Mayor Gregg Weiss said during a Pride Alliance event Wednesday hosted by Compass LGBTQ+ Center in Lake Worth Beach.

A hearing on the rule is set for April 19 before the seven-member State Board of Education.

The proposal does not need to go through the legislature to pass.

The State Legislature also is considering an expansion of the law, including limiting the use of preferred pronouns in schools and further prohibits instruction on gender education through eighth grade. The bills are HB1223 and SB1320.

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