State agencies attempt to combat overdose crisis as Florida eclipses 4,000 deaths in 2022

  • Florida has passed 4,000 registered overdose deaths in 2022, continuing the rising trajectory of more drug-related deaths statewide
  • In response, a group of state leaders and agencies have launched a range of initiatives aimed at combating the entry of opioids into the state, as well as taking steps to improve treatment accessibility 
  • Fentanyl-related deaths have increased 790 percent since 2015, according to state data

According to the Department of Health, Florida has surpassed 4,000 reported fatal overdose cases this year, with the actual number likely much higher, as counties statewide continue to struggle with the introduction of counterfeit opioids.

In response, a range of state agencies has introduced initiatives to suppress the introduction of opioids into the state and make medical response access more accessible. Fentanyl in particular has raised concerns over the trajectory of the state’s overall illicit drug use and the dangers it may pose.

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