Pres. Biden and First Lady visit hurricane-ravaged Florida community

Danielle Harmon holds her 11-month-old son at the shelter set up at Suwannee Pineview Elementary School. Pres. Joe Biden and the First Lady visited residents there Saturday. (Alexa Herrera/WUFT News)

LIVE OAK, Fla.– Danielle Harmon packed her bags, filled her truck up with gas and evacuated with her four children when she saw how devastating Hurricane Idalia could be.

“I’m a Floridian. I’ve been here since I was 2 years old,” said Harmon. “Category 4, I’m out of here. Especially when I’m in a camper with my kids.”

Harmon and her family are among the many temporary residents at the

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2 thoughts on “Pres. Biden and First Lady visit hurricane-ravaged Florida community”

  1. Hey Ronnie…..

    The President comes to visit and offers Gov help and you are a no-show???? Since when does a natural disaster have anything to do with politics????


  2. This just shows Ronald was to buzzy trying to get elected as a president! I see who the real human is and it is not Ronnald . I was always told not to call a person a douch bag like Ronald! . He makes me sick evertime I see or hear him. God help us if he makes as president. Protect our
    children and grand kids!

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