Possibility of DeSantis, Trump matchup builds

On a holiday to honor the past presidents of the United States, there was certainly a lot of talk about two Florida men who might square off in the race to be the next president.Donald Trump announced his candidacy in November to run for president, while talk continues to swirl about Gov. Ron DeSantis making a run for the White House.”I think the numbers when you break them down, this will be a very close race between him (Trump) and DeSantis,” Joe Budd, the founder and former president of Club 45 USA, in Palm Beach County, said.DeSantis traveled Monday to

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1 thought on “Possibility of DeSantis, Trump matchup builds”

  1. Trump and DeSantis would be unstoppable.
    No donations from Soros.
    Unify the Republican Party and the USA.

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