Popular kids toy company ‘Build-A-Bear’ turns heads with new ‘RuPaul’ drag queen bear

Popular build-it-yourself children’s teddy bear store “Build-a-Bear Workshop” is turning heads with its new drag queen teddy bear.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh pointed out on Twitter, Thursday, that “Build-a-Bear Workshop,” the toy store where kids – and adults apparently – can customize their own stuffed animals, had advertised a new drag queen teddy bear.

Sharing a screenshot of the website depicting the new drag product, Walsh tweeted, “Remember: there’s absolutely no agenda to groom your kids. Don’t be ridiculous. On an unrelated note, @buildabear is selling a drag queen stuffed bear for children.”


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1 thought on “Popular kids toy company ‘Build-A-Bear’ turns heads with new ‘RuPaul’ drag queen bear”

  1. Finally a smile from the news! It is taking a toy company to call the ridiculous behaviour of some politicians and overly zealous self declared “Christians” how stupid it is, with a bear that can wear more outlandish clothes if its’s owner wants it to. Did anyone ever decide to become a drag queen from watching Harvey Korman on Carol Burnett’s show, or from watching Uncle Miltie parading around on stage, Sid Caesar on his old show, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in SOME LIKE IT HOT, Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari on BOSOM BUDDIES, and anyone who ever appeared in Vaudeville. In the “olden” days before women were allowed to perform on stage, who do you think played the female parts? If a child has an inclinination to prefer women’s clothing for whatever reason they are going to head in that direction. Maybe they want to become a performer. If they don’t, they are going to laugh at the antics of men in funny over the top clothing just like the rest of us.

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