Hundreds line Southern Boulevard for a glimpse of Trump

Sidewalks and the parking lots of stores along Southern Boulevard not far from Dixie Highway were filled with supporters of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

“We wanted to support Trump,” Joe Gonzalez told WPTV’s Todd Wilson. “We wanted to support Trump because we think it’s an injustice going on in New York.”

Hours before the former president’s motorcade drove by, Southern Boulevard seemed like a party as flags with Trump’s face, name or slogan could be seen flailing in the wind.

“They tried to put him in jail for no reason,” Armando said. “I love Donald Trump.”

Hundreds of people wore T-shirts or hats with something related to Trump.

“Right now, everyone’s turned their back on him,” Maria Alexander said. “President Trump is for the people and the people are going to stand by him.”

Roughly 200 people stood and waited to get a glimpse of former President Trump.

And just after 7 p.m. Trump’s 11-vehicle motorcade drove past slowly to a raucous applause from Palm Beach International Airport.

“This is a distraction also because a lot of things happening in this country that shouldn’t be happening,” Alma Cristobal said.

His supporters made it clear they believe that Trump can overcome this issue and still run for president.

Trump spoke to his supporters and media at Mar-a-Lago around 8:30 p.m.

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