How Vivek Ramaswamy Pumped And Dumped His Way To Millions

The smarmy Vivek Ramaswamy thinks he can grift his way to a Republican nomination by mimicking the same business tactics beloved of Trump:

And here’s a more detailed piece written by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld for Fortune:

Ramaswamy’s tax records show that the first time he ever made big money was when he hyped up an Alzheimer’s drug candidate, Axovant, which had been discarded by other pharmaceutical companies. Axovant, which was 78% owned by Ramaswamy’s corporate holding company Roivant, blew up after failing FDA tests, with the stock crashing from $200 to 40 cents, fleecing thousands of mom-and-pop investors who bought into the hype. Ramaswamy himself profited handsomely (even if the Ramaswamy campaign took a while to acknowledge the truth).

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