‘Hostile takeover’: the tiny Florida university targeted by Ron DeSantis

Governor’s latest shot in his war on woke is the shock appointment of rightwing trustees to progressive New College

New College of Florida started making history from the day it opened its doors to its first incoming class of 101 undergraduate students in 1964. It was the first institution of higher education in Florida – which was once part of the slave-owning Confederacy – to pioneer an open admissions policy committing the school not to discriminate based on “race, creed, national origin, or cultural status”.

The founding principles of the college emphasized freedom of inquiry and the eminent historian and philosopher Arnold

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1 thought on “‘Hostile takeover’: the tiny Florida university targeted by Ron DeSantis”

  1. “Hostile Takeover”? Not taking sides?? “Gov. DeSantis Is Giving This Florida Legacy College A Fresh Start And The Opportunity Erase The Stains Of Now Illegal And Racist “Critical Race Theory” That They Currently Embrace To Ensure They Will Continue Receiving State Funding.

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