Frontier Airlines announces new unlimited summer flight pass


NN) — Call it the summer buffet of air travel.


rontier Airlines has announced its newest incentive to get travelers back in the air post-pandemic: An unlimited summer flight pass that costs $399.


he all-you-can-fly plan allows Frontier customers to book “an unlimited number of flights” from May 2 to September 30, says the airline on its website.


here are a few catches to the tantalizing deal. You shouldn’t bank on planning your flights ahead of time, for instance. You’ll need to book domestic flights the day before departure and international flights just 10 days before, according to Frontier’s website.


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  1. Frontier’s scam flat fee rules limits you to book a seat no earlier than the day before departure. All flights sre already oversold!
    Sounds like the old story of Joe’s Meat Market. Advertises TBone steaks for 3 bucks a pound. But he is always sold out!!

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