Florida Republicans poised to make more changes to election laws


LAHASSEE — Florida voters beware: A voter registration card may not stop you from getting charged with voter fraud if a new bill rolled out Monday by the Florida Senate becomes law. Se


ate Republicans released a 98-page comprehensive elections bill that includes a provision designed to undercut legal arguments that were made by those who were charged as part of a crackdown on voter fraud announced last August by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The lengthy bill also changes campaign finance deadlines, speeds up when local officials must scrub voter rolls for dead and ineligible voters and increases fines on voter registration

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2 thoughts on “Florida Republicans poised to make more changes to election laws”

  1. Very good! We need honest elections, with in-person voting and no mail-in ballots except for the disabled and those out-of-the-county during the entire period when the polling places are open.

  2. Won’t be long we will only be approved to vote for herr duhsantis canidates . Sounds like russia

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