Florida lawmakers take sides on Trump indictment during fourth week of legislative session

A bombshell development involving former President Donald Trump was dropped during week four of Florida’s legislative session. Two major bills got the governor’s signature. Plus, Florida Democrats believe Sunshine State is still a swing state.

TRUMP INDICTED Florida lawmakers found out Thursday evening that former president Donald Trump was facing an indictment for allegations of business fraud. While details were scant, Democrats sounded as though they relished the news.”

Yeah justice is served,” Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, said with a chuckle. “I think it’s important to remember we’re in a nation of laws.”Republicans offered a mixed bag of thoughts.Senate President Sen. Kathleen Passidomo

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1 thought on “Florida lawmakers take sides on Trump indictment during fourth week of legislative session”

  1. Why are so many people now avoiding FL? And why are so many people leaving FL and planning to raise their families away from FL? Could it be they all believe in free speech? Perhaps they just don’t like the Governor’s “lets go backwards 50 years” approach to governing! (Even my grandfather was much smarter and more progressive than BIG RONNY!)
    I find it rather comical that the GOP is moving to restrict drag Shows when the biggest Drag Queen of all is canvasing the country posing as a potential politician even though he wears more make-up, more hair spray, and more hair die than anyone else in the country!
    I fully anticipate a blue title wave come election time in 2024…….more GOP politicians will be put out to pasture (where they belong) than at any time innFL history……once again thanks entirely to BIG RONNIE.
    P.S. Hey Big Ronnie….looks like Trump is chewing up your pathetic hopes of a political career!

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