FDEM deploys new Cloud Contact Center to provide essential services to those impacted by Hurricane Ian

  • NWN Carousel Provides DEM Services for Citizens Affected by Hurricane Ian; Deployed in 10 hours, Staffed with 100 Live Agents Answered 5000+ Calls in First 24 Hours
  • Within 72 hours of deployment, FDEM emergency contact center scaled to 100 agents, supporting thousands of calls with a <5 minute average wait-time

NWN Carousel, the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider, announced on Wednesday that it has successfully deployed a fully-operational Cloud Contact Center for Florida’s Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) that is continuing to provide essential services for citizens in need during and after Hurricane Ian

“Within fifteen minutes of our new contact center being launched, we received over 50 calls from the public needing help,” said DEM Director, Kevin Guthrie. “Our citizens who called were trapped in their homes, stuck in flooded vehicles, and needed rescuing. With the new system, we were able to quickly identify their location and deploy local law enforcement resources for a wellness check or rescue operation. I want to thank the entire DEM team and NWN Carousel for their efforts before, during, and after Hurricane Ian.”

On Wednesday, September 28 Governor Ron DeSantis requested President Joe Biden grant a Major Disaster Declaration for all of Florida’s 67 counties, for all categories, and all types of assistance ahead of Hurricane Ian. The granted declaration provided FEMA Category A and B funding that enabled DMS to transition its volunteer-based answering services to NWN Carousel’s integrated services through their SUNCOM contract vehicle including Cloud Contact Center, Unified Communications and The Experience Management Platform.

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