Deberías indignarte por el ataque a la libertad académica de DeSantis | Opinión

As long as the autocratic policy of educational control regarding American racism exists at UF, it is in danger of losing seasoned and notable faculty.


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  1. BIG RON thinks he’s the smartest, most talented, and best choice to lead the US. In truth, he’s the opposite of all of that….the most arrogant, least qualified, fascist, and has the lowest I.Q. of any governor in the US. The following cartoon tells it all….Two women are sitting having coffee. One says to the other, “I feel like going back in time 50 years”. The other woman responds, “just book yourself a flight to Florida”.

  2. Would like to see Caesar’s IQ s Gov. De Santis or any dem governor. Boy another fascist calling others people fascists when they don’t agree with you, and the beat goes on.

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