Trump ataca a DeSantis que 'no se implicará' si es imputado

Former President Donald Trump attacked Gov. Ron DeSantis as inexperienced after the governor quashed rumors that he would help him fight extradition if indicted.

DeSantis faced criticism from Trump’s supporters on social media after he spoke on the subject for the first time on Monday at the Gulf Coast State College in Panama City during a news conference to call on the legislature to stand against the use of central bank digital currency.

Political reporters were less interested in his CBDC position and focused most of their questions on the possibility of a Manhattan indictment and about how DeSantis would respond as

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7 comentarios en “Trump attacks DeSantis who ‘won’t be involved’ if he gets indicted”

  1. DeSantis is busy creating laws to monitor girls menstral cycles, spending public school money on his private religious schools, taking away black folks right to vote, banning abortion, making it a crime to be gay, burning school books Hitler style. Have I forgotten things, I’m sure I have, what a great guy, if you like fascist. When Did Florida turn into a Redneck racist state?

  2. Mary you must be a dem. I am a registered independent, once a reg dem, and for good reason. I am tired of dems tearing apart all the good others want to do. Anything repubs do they call racist and etc.. Yet dems divide the country racially by supporting crt, saying blacks voting rights are being taken away (yet more are voting numerically and proportionally than ever before), and encouraging black people to attack white human beings. Keep your racism to yourself, a d look in the mirror.

  3. DeSantis is an egomaniac constantly meddling and I am sure stays up nights to come up with a new ban on something or other. Beware, voters. Do your homework. He would rule our country just he rules Florida. Very heavy handed.

  4. I would like know why the editorial staff allows ad hominem attacks like Mary’s, but responses are edited out.

  5. What are you referring to? What is the “source” of this statement and who is it directed at?

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