Los estudiantes universitarios de Tallahassee expresan su oposición a DeSantis durante una huelga estatal

More than 100 students and supporters united on Florida State University’s campus Thursday at noon as they fought for academic freedom.


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  1. Maybe everyone who reelected DeSantis after tge first term a lot of which were Cubans, Latinos, and millennial shouldn’t have since he runs this state as a Dictator not a Democracy!!! If anyone disagrees with his view on anything he retaliates in some way… abortions, redistricting map, Disney, no protesting at capitol, don’t say gay, AP classes etc.

    His way or the highway!!!!!!

    The Republican led state legislature is even afraid to vote against anything he wants the same as US congress was when Trump was in office.

    Wake up during the next elections whether they are local, state, federal, or most importantly Presidential.

    If DeSantis becomes president it will only be worse and more of a dictatorship and SOCIALIST…. . Yes socialist as many of the immigrants voted against during the past Presidential, state election. Why was it that you so desperately wanted to get into the US to begin with? Democracy!! So don’t make those crazy uneducated socialist statements. DeSantis is making it Socialist.

    Hopefully, many will have lived and learned from their mistakes during tge previous Presidential, Federal and State elections!!!

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