REVEALED: These ten books are considered pornography in Ron DeSantis’ Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on May 1, 2023 (Photo by Paul Hennessy via Getty Images)

On March 8, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) conducted a press conference in which he purported to debunk the “book ban hoax.” During the event, DeSantis claimed that Florida schools, under his leadership, were not banning educational materials. Rather, they were simply removing “pornography” from school libraries and classrooms. DeSantis claimed the notion that Florida was involved in book banning was “a nasty hoax because it’s a hoax in service of trying to pollute and sexualize our children.”

“Removing clear instances of pornography and sexually explicit

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3 comentarios en “REVEALED: These ten books are considered pornography in Ron DeSantis’ Florida”

  1. Only Big Ron would consider Cat in the Hat pornographic because his reading level is below the average 3 year old! What a flaming idiot!

  2. I’m assuming National Georgraphic is banned, that periodical in every school and public library when I was growing up. My parents even gave me a subscription every year – the horror! I’m so NOT scarred for life. Kids just need to turn on any electronic device and see things 100 times worse than these books. As for nudity, take a look around especially at the beaches and pools. Frankly, the bottom line seems to be removing books about black history, anything with LGBTQ no matter how innocent and anything that is not describing the white christian life experience or tells the truth about historical happenings that don’t agree with the agreed upon truth. Books were sorted according to age group when I was in school, so what happened?

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