La NAACP dice a los estadounidenses negros: "No vengáis a Florida"

The Florida Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) had a meeting in Orlando this weekend. They unanimously voted to request a “travel advisory” for Black Americans coming to Florida. They believe it is best that Black Americans do not come to Florida. The Lee County NAACP President, James Muwakkil, said this is in direct response to anti-black legislation that has been present in Florida politics. He gave examples such as the situation recently with AP African American Studies Courses. Governor Ron DeSantis criticized the contents of this course and soon after the college board

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  1. Kudos to The NAACP because they are correct what Gov. DeSantis and the Republican led legislature is doing everything they can to minimize black/ people of color rights. Besides the AP ban don’t forget how the Northern Stat voting redistricting map that was created by DeSantis and forced upon the legislature and state directly affect black voting rights in that area.

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