La propuesta de "Ley de Muerte Digna" daría a los floridanos la opción de poner fin a su sufrimiento


LORIDA– A state senator is proposing the “Death with Dignity Act” to allow suffering individuals the choice to end their lives. T


is bill follows a planned murder-suicide in which a woman shot her terminally ill husband last month. P


EVIOUS COVERAGE: An elderly Florida couple’s murder-suicide agreement ended with a shooting and hostage situation at a Daytona Beach hospital S


nate Bill 864 was filed Feb. 16. by Democratic Leader Lauren Book . It allows qualified patients to request and receive medicine to end their lives. Th


s is after the attending physician informs the patient on their medical diagnosis and prognosis, the

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  1. This is very disappointing to hear that the Florida legislature would even think of this. Hospice has ways of making one comfortable even with severe pain. God doesn’t want us to decide when someone should die. I am in my 70s and live with moderate to severe pain every day. I would never consider purposely ending my life.

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