Florida weighs mandating menstrual cycle details for female athletes

CLAIM: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is requiring all female student-athletes in the state to provide detailed information about their periods in order to compete in organized sports.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The Florida High School Athletic Association is weighing the recommendation from an advisory committee, but no final decision has been made. DeSantis’ education commissioner is a member of the association’s board of directors and the commissioner also appoints three others, but the association is a private nonprofit organization, not a state agency under the purview of the governor’s office.

THE FACTS: Social media users are suggesting the conservative Republican governor, who has

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9 comentarios en “Florida weighs mandating menstrual cycle details for female athletes”

  1. Stepped way over the line in Parental rights. Seems he has one rule for evangelicals and one for everyone else.

  2. Has anyone explained to the white nationalist governor how periods work? Are they doing this to find pregnant teenagers and take their babies and place them with evangelicals?

  3. I don’t think males should be able to compete with females, transgenders should only compete with other transgenders/

  4. First, re-read the op-ed. Accusation states what is being alleged. Then it states False. People need to stop jumping to inaccurate accusations with their own assumptions. READ THE SENTENCES. The is a pot stirring article. Don’t be pot lickers!

  5. Ms Machado. What has your comment got to do with men controlling women.

    USA take notice of DeSantis.

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