Florida Democratic Party’s path forward won’t be paved with money

For Florida Democrats, the full impact of Florida’s 2022 mid-term elections won’t be felt until January, when Republican Wilton Simpson takes the oath of office to replace Democrat Nikki Fried as Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, ending a string of Democrat statewide officeholders that date back to before the Civil War.

January’s official ousting of Fried will mark the lowest point of political power in the history of Florida’s Democratic Party especially when combined with new GOP supermajorities in both legislative chambers. And that means money is going to be hard to come by.

On the bright side, money isn’t everything, and that also means that Florida Democrats have nowhere to go but up. Even so, going up isn’t easy, especially on a budget. National organizations, still giddy from the stunning performance of Democrats seemingly everywhere except Florida, are only just now starting to look back at their brothers and sisters left behind in the Sunshine State and ask, what went wrong?

Some voices, including FDP Chairman Manny Díaz, Democrat National Committee member Thomas KennedyAnnette Taddeo, a former FDP chairwoman who came up short in a congressional bid this cycle, have already weighed in with their thoughts, much of it around the problem of money.

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