DeSantis builds his conservative resume as Trump flounders

In the last two days, Ron DeSantis sought a grand jury to investigate Covid-19 vaccines, questioned a new federal law protecting same-sex marriages and won a legislative victory that will hit the pocket books of lawyers. And there will be more steps by DeSantis to lure conservatives to his side in the coming weeks and months ahead. There are already rumblings that state lawmakers will hold special legislative sessions between now and March to tackle issues such as guns and abortion. Though he has yet to announce his presidential intentions, the moves this week continue the momentum DeSantis built after

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2 comentarios en “DeSantis builds his conservative resume as Trump flounders”

  1. DeSantis is an embarrassment to this state and every single voter who was duped by his
    Self promoting agenda!

  2. What is he doing about the teacher shortage, homelessness, high rents, Fl crime rate higher than New York, diminishing water table and polluted springs and rivers, and out of control development. His creation of problems where there are none, like CRT in elementary schools and dangers of vaccines are red herrings to divert attention from his lack of action on our very real Florida issues.

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