El gobierno de DeSantis avanza en la ampliación de la ley "No digas gay" en Florida

The proposal is scheduled to be voted on next month.

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  1. Governor DeSantis and the Republican led state legislature have turned the state into a dictatorship.

    To extend the Don’t Say Gay called law to high school 12th grade is absurd. High School students are not children at this point in fact many are having sex, getting pregnant and having babies. In fact, some are 18 and could carry guns!

    This is just targeting another specific group in the state and especially at the older age level is ridiculous!! All this is just for power or possibly presidential run. I also believe that in the last year, all these new petty legislation is just making the state worse.

    Work on more important issues that affect Florida residents like reducing the exorbitant home insurance rates! If one thinks about all the recent changes it targets a minority in the state such as the AP class ban, drag show attack, taking books out of schools (like Hilter burned books), kicking elected officials out of offices and replacing them with whi they want. The list goes on and on.

    All this DeSantis propaganda about the state being great or better is incorrect.

    It’s 2023 and every week narcissistic DeSantis and the state legislature takes us back in time by decades.

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