Car experts warn buyers about used cars after Hurricane Ian

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Car experts want to warn you about buying used cars post-Hurricane Ian. According to Carfax, they believe that prior to Hurricane Ian, there were about 400,000 vehicles on the road with some sort of flood damage in their history. Of those 400,000, more than 33,000 are in the state of Florida.

“Florida is #2 in the nation when it comes to the number of cars on the road with flood damage in their history and the only state with more cars is Texas,” said Emilie Voss, the Director of Public Relations for Carfax.

With thousands of cars likely destroyed by Hurricane Ian, Voss said unfortunately those flood damaged cars will resurface at some point on the used car market. 

“In the next year we will see these cars from Hurricane Ian resurface on the roads and in the used car market in Florida.”

For this reason, Voss said buyers need to be extra careful when searching for a car. 

“These vehicles are literally rotting from the inside out. They have mechanical, electrical issues. Health issues. There can be mold on upholstery. Bacteria in the ventilation system. Safety issues where the brakes or the airbag systems aren’t working properly.” 

So if you are in the market for a new car, Voss said you should always do a couple things. 

“Look at exposed metal…is there any sort of rust developing on the latches and the hood, the trunk, inside the door frame. Look at the upholstery. Does the upholstery match? Does it look new? Is there anything suspicious about the upholstery, not only obvious water spots but maybe all the upholstery has been obviously replaced…maybe ask yourself why.”

Also, always test drive the car, check the Carfax report, and get an independent inspection done.

“This current used car market is like nothing we’ve ever seen, right. Supply is down. Prices are up so unfortunately you can bet that con men are going to try and cash in and turn these cars from Ian around and sell them for a quick buck,” Voss said. 

If you would like to check and see if a car has any flood damage, visit aquí.

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