Buttigieg se pelea en Twitter con los senadores republicanos de Florida por el descarrilamiento


nsportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s spat with Florida’s Republican Senate delegation over the Ohio train derailment escalated Tuesday, with Buttigieg calling out Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio by name on Twitter. Ru


io has called for Buttigieg to resign or be fired several times in the past week, saying Buttigieg demonstrates “a gross level of incompetence and apathy” and that he has been “completely absent” during major transportation disruptions, including this month’s derailment of a toxic train payload in East Palestine, Ohio. And Scott has dinged Buttigieg over Twitter for not going to the derailment site. Bu


tigieg fired back at Rubio,

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  1. everyone MUST understand DeSantos doesn’t give a flip about his so called ‘woke’ agenda. the agenda is about driving wedges between similar groups so he can gain power and create status between himself and others. He is as doing a fine job thus far. Us against them has always worked. Silent majority played well for Nixon, the Christian Coalition for Reagan, the The Bush’s used them all, just as Trump did the same thing. The major issue with these divide and conquer schemes, it is all about the same issue dividing. That weakens our democracy, not strength it. America must strength our democracy by brining people together based on common needs.

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