Un derecho dado por Dios": La Cámara de Representantes de Florida carga en el Senado el proyecto de ley de portación de armas sin permiso

Permitless carry does away with licenses, background checks and training to carry guns into most public places. It’s the law in 25 other states.


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2 comentarios en “‘A God-given right’: Florida House loads permitless gun carry bill into the Senate chamber”

  1. These legislators want to legislate all aspects of your personal bodily functions, along with that of your kids. They want to ban books, eliminate gay and trans people, not invest in so called “woke” companies, by the way, woke is just a derogatory way of saying concern for all of your fellow citizens. They want to program our children to think one way and one way only, but, hey go out and shoot whoever you want and we won’t be able to track you because there will be no record of who owns the weapon. What about weapons training, if you don’t need a permit who is going to know whether or not you have had at least basic instruction. I would think it would hinder police investigations. We are not living in 1860 like some politicians and others seem to think. What would be someone’s reason for not wanting to get a permit? Stockpiling weapons for certain groups to overthrow the government? From surveys taken, it sounds like most gun owners prefer to have guns permitted because they are at as much risk as the rest of us. I shouldn’t need to list all of the most obvious reasons.

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