16 fiscales generales demócratas condenan la petición de DeSantis de información sobre universitarios trans

La coalición insta al republicano a anular inmediatamente la petición.

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1 comentario en “16 Democratic AGs condemn DeSantis’ request for trans college students’ information”

  1. Remember when all of your health information was private and was only allowed to be accessed by 3rd parties with your permission. Third parties were insurance companies, medical facilities, possibly your representatives if medical decisions needed to be made and the patient wasn’t able to answer for themselves. Your employers in certain instances, but doctors lived and died on not revealing your personal history to anyone with those certain exceptions. What do these perverts want the information for? Where is the so-called “freedom” DeSantis is touting? There so many important problems and DeSantis has chosen to latch on to minority groups and persecute them. I don’t know what his religion is and don’t care, but he has no right to inflict his archaic agenda on the people of Florida or anywhere else. On the drag shows he and other states are carrying on about, drag has been around for thousands of years. Women were nor permitted to act in plays in past centuries so men were required to play the female roles in full regalia. Vaudeville, TV shows, movies have all featured men in women’s clothing. Milton Berle made his career on it.

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