Dianne Williams-Cox bounces back in fundraising for City Commission re-election bid

After raising under $1,000 in June, Tallahassee City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox outraised her opponents in July, campaign finance records show.

The incumbent for City Commission Seat 5 racked up $21,000 in contributions last month. On July 16, she received a $1,000 contribution from the Florida Police Benevolent Association and $1,000 from Greenpoint Developers on July 17. The Big Bend Police Benevolent Association has endorsed Williams-Cox.

Her campaign spent $19,000 during the month of July. On July 12, her campaign gave $10,000 to Positive Chuck for canvassing and gave Lamar Media over $4,000 for advertising on July 20.

Williams-Cox has also received

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