DeSantis leads fundraising in Florida governor’s race

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — There are only five days until the primary elections in Florida and fundraising numbers show Gov. Ron DeSantis is crushing his potential democrat opponent before the primaries have ended.

“He’s broken the record for fundraising in a gubernatorial campaign and he may end up breaking the record for spending altogether in a gubernatorial campaign,” said Stephen Neely, USF public affairs professor.

As DeSantis travels across the country fundraising, Agriculture Comissioner Nikki Fried and State Rep. Charlie Crist are traveling around the Sunshine State in hopes of being the Democrat’s nominee for governor.

The record-setting fundraising has caused all three front runners to go heavy on the ad buys. Crist has spent about $4.91 million, Fried has spent around $2.4 million and DeSantis has spent nearly $5.5 million.

“I think what’s really fascinating to me about all three sets of ads is that they’re all somewhat misguided in the sense that they’re not addressing what matters most to voters,” Neely said.

Whichever Democrat wins the race on Tuesday could still face a large fundraising disadvantage when it comes time to take on DeSantis in November.

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