DeSantis asks for millions of dollars more to fight lawsuits

Gov. Ron DeSantis is asking Florida state legislators to approve millions of dollars to help his office and other state agencies fight lawsuits stemming from new laws and executive orders.

According to his budget proposal, which was unveiled last week, DeSantis is seeking to increase the litigation spending for the Executive Office of the Governor from $1.6 million last year to $4 million next year.

That is an increase of 250%.

A note in the budget proposal indicates the money would come from the General Fund, and it would be used “to acquire legal representation for lawsuits related to litigation expenses. The department

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2 thoughts on “DeSantis asks for millions of dollars more to fight lawsuits”

  1. Now this is a non-partisan, neutral & unbiased article. You leave it up to We The People to determine if our governor is wasting our taxpayer dollars of investing in our and our children’s future happiness and well being. Thank you for not taking sides!

  2. First he uses our tax dollars to send TEXAS immigrants to MASSACHUSETTS. Now he pushes our sycophantic legislators to pass legislation that directly conflicts with our U.S. Constitutional Rights and expects US to pay for his legal battles? Who could possibly be okay with this?

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