Democrats fall further behind in early voting

  • Democrats aren’t keeping pace with Republican get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts
  • Nearly 2 million votes have been cast so far
  • The GOP has amassed a lead of nearly 100,000 ballots cast so far
  • About half of all ballots this year are expected to be cast before election day

Data posted to the state Division of Elections website shows Republicans extending their lead over Democrats in total ballots cast so far. With one week to go before Election Day, 2.77 million ballots had been cast already, with over 1.9 million voting by mail and the remainder going in to cast an early, in-person ballot.

Republicans account for the lion’s share of all ballots cast, at 1.173 million, while Democrats currently sit at 1.077 million ballots, giving the Florida GOP a lead of just under 100,000 ballots.

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