Brian Clowdus starts to spend in HD 6 GOP Primary, but Griff Griffitts spends bigger

After spending less than $200 in June on his Republican Primary race for the House District 6 seat, Brian Clowdus spent more than $11,000 in the first two weeks of July, a newly released campaign finance report from the Division of Elections shows.

Clowdus, who owns an entertainment production company, spent most of that sum, about $10,500, on direct mail pieces. But his opponent, Bay County Commissioner Griff Griffitts, spent more than $124,000, with more than $101,000 going toward campaign media ads.

As of July 15, Griffitts had nearly $112,000 cash on hand, dwarfing the $22,800 in Clowdus’ campaign coffers.

That gap

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