Abortion bans drive off doctors and close clinics, putting other health care at risk

Even the Trump-era surgeon general is concerned about the repercussions for women’s health, as doctors say they are reluctant to practice in states that have banned abortion.

(Image credit: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

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2 thoughts on “Abortion bans drive off doctors and close clinics, putting other health care at risk”

  1. Jeez Ron..why do you keep driving FL talent out of the state and preventing great talent from wanting to move / work in FL? And why do all of your backwards new laws keep getting FL more and more lawsuits against it? All of your moves and ideas certainly suggest a total lack of respectable education (if any). If I was on the board of directors of the schools you supposedly attended, I would move to revoke any and all degrees awarded! You seem to be a total disgrace to both FL and those schools you say you attended! The word idiot doesn’t even begin to scratch your surface…….the NAACP is on the right track!

  2. In total agreement! DeSantis and the GOP led legislature have done so much damage to FL with all their hatred political laws passed. Not just on abortion but ALL the others like anti black, anti gay, anti drag shows, anti freedom of speech, banning books, firing public officials, anti immigrants, using FL money to send immigrants from other states out, probably making the rest of Floridians pay for the IN destruction, doing nothing about the insurance rates, etc. To name just a few! Keeping his travel history secret. One could go on and on. They’ve only severely harmed the state in everything they passed.

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