Abbott issues recall on ready-to-feed liquid formula products

NAPLES, Fla. — Abbott announced in a press release that it is recalling certain lots of 2 fluid ounce/59-milliliter ready-to-feed liquid formula products.

The brands that were included in the recall include:

Similac Pro-Total ComfortSimilac 360 Total CareSimilac Total Care SensitiveSimilac Special Care 24Similac Stage 1Similac Water (Sterilized)Similac NeoSure 20221020-Abbott-RTF-Formulas-RecallDownload According to Abbott, the recall is due to a “small percentage of bottles (less than 1%)” in the recalled lots because they might not have been sealed completely. According to officials, this can cause spoilage.

Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution has also been recalled.

The Florida Department of Health in Collier County

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